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Welcome to Vista Land

Vista Land International Marketing, Inc. is a company composed of people striving to provide quality and affordable homes for hard working Filipinos abroad. We offer a wide array of homes ranging from affordable to luxury homes on a well planned and self-contained community, as well as low, medium and high rise condominiums.

Vista Land International is the International Marketing arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc., the holding company of Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes and Communities and Communities Philippines.

Destined to capture a bigger slice of the real Estate/ housing market, Vista Land International veers away from the traditional concept of real estate marketing and offers a full spectrum of quality homes cutting through different market segments spanning the entire Philippine archipelago.

We believe that our Pinoy OFWs in Europe, in the Middle East, North America or anywhere in the world are entitled to a hassle and worry free purchase and transaction in buying their dream house for their families back home. Such mindset is our motivation in finding innovative ways and means to reach our Kababayans via our International Property Consultants and Business Partners who will give them the service they deserve with personal touch....


Camella Homes and Communities, the country’s most prferred housing brand, is a proud member of the Philippines’ largest home builder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. Only Vista Land offers the broadest spectrum of homes, catering to all income levels, spanning the largest geographic reach.

Camella is the first in building homes and communities within the means of average Filipino in the affordable housing segment. Proud of its more than 30-year legacy of pioneering value-for-money homes in master planned communites, Camella has added to its offerings luxury single-family homes and city lifestyle residences close to Makati’s business district, with innovatiively conceived 2-storey townhomes and low-rise condominiums. All these choice elements come together merged in a mixed-use environment, unprecedented in its design to provide the ultimate level of convenience and comfort for your family.

Through the years, Camella Homes has grown to become the largest housing developer in the country. Our master plan for success is simple; for every house that we build, we see a Filipino Family; for every subdivision we create, we envision a Filipino Community.

Our blueprint for housing goes beyond providing high quality housing. It encompasses the passion to create masterfully planned residential projects that provide the perfect environment for raising not only our children but an entire community of families living in a quiet, peaceful and friendly neighborhood.

Camella Homes’ roots as a housing developer date back to the early seventies with the first development project undertaken by our founder MANNY B. VILLAR, JR. Under his leadership, we have grown to be the largest housing developer in the Philippines today.

Vital to our continuing leadership and industry is a dynamic and highly responsive marketing network of independent contractors and brokers. We maintain relationships with over 100 general and specialist contractors and over 400 independent brokers who use over 16,000 agents to help potential homebuyers find the house of their dreams.

More so, Camella Homes remains a beacon of hope for overseas Filipino workers seeking to realize their dream of owning homes.

Camella Homes House and Lots | Camella Homes Condominiums


The country’s biggest homebuilder of exceptionally master planned urban housing communities nationwide for the last decade.

As the company mission statement goes: “Crown Asia delivers not mere projects, but markers of progress since by improving the quality of life of its market profiles, Crown Asia affords the country the ballast of hope and the impetus for sustained socio-economic growth.”

As a pioneer Master Planned Community (MPC) Developer in the Philippines, Crown Asia stands committed to the development of an upgraded line of residential community projects. Each of these properties is a combination of strategic location and wisely planned land use, offering diverse opportunities integrated into single, self-contained environmentally responsible community.

True to the Crown Asia corporate vision, we continue to offer homes that feature designs of enduring excellence and recognized value, cultivate a balanced, healthy, and active community life that fosters values and goodwill among homeowners; believe in the primacy of personal relationships as well as in establishing long-standing relations with suppliers, investors and property consultants working in harmony with nature; and lastly to maintain a core of high-caliber professionals whose individual expertise ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s operations.

Crown Asia House and Lots | Crown Asia Condominiums


Building Lifescapes of the future today.

As the maverick in property development, Brittany Corporation continuously creates uniquely themed upscale properties in the country - lifescapes for people who value the finer things in life.

These are ideal places where you can build homes for your family’s tomorrow.

These are investments that are sure to grow in value in the future.

Our lifescapes are the manifestations of real estate excellence in property

development; in value added products and in professional quality services. This excellence remains unmatched in the industry today.

Brittany Corporation House and Lots | Brittany Corporation Condominiums


COMMUNITIES, the largest and most successful real estate developer, has brought families home. Because for Communities, it has never been about building houses - it’s about building homes for your family and for countless others across the nation. As a pioneer Master Planned Community developer in the Philippines, Communities adhere to the development of the upgraded line of residential community projects.

For these reasons, and more, Communities is proud to celebrate six years of building Master Planned Communities where people just like you feel at home.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
Our long years of experience in building lived-in communities have helped us master the art of listening to customers, and accomodating to their needs. Ask any of the more than 10,000 families, who now, happily come home to Communities.

Service Commitment
Communities is committed to providing unparalleled Customer Service. Timely completion of construction, release of the land title, and ensuring that amenities are completed on time.

Combined Form and Function
Our homes feature designs of enduring beauty and recognized value so much so that each homeowner is assured of aesthetically appealing, and functional homes. Complemented by a great neighborhood first class amenities.

Nationwide Presence
Communities has built more than 5,000 houses in various subdivisions all over the country. In Metro Manila alone, there are numerous established communities from north to south. In areas outside Manila, Communities boast of a strong market presence.

Unmatched Sales Network
Our core of high caliber professionals comprise the biggest sales network in the industry. We have international offices, and marketing subsidiaries, with more than 3,000 accredited brokers, and approximately 20,000 property consultants.

A Vision for the Future
Communities is working towards a greater goal... to provide the millions of Filipinos across the country with world-class homes. To realize this dream, we hope to break new ground with new projects nationwide.

From its humble beginnings in 1991 , Camella Communities have evolved into being the most reliable regional developer from being Crown Communities to Communities Philippines. While the Camella brand already had its footing as the trusted name, the preferred brand for affordable housing in the country, Camella Communities has its aligned goal of envisioning the countryside to provide value for investments of Filipino families outside of Mega Manila.

With probably the widest geographic presence among any other housing developer in the country, the company has truly earned the right to be called “Camella Communities”. Primarily using Camella as brand banner across all regional areas and some Crown Asia types of houses to cater to all market segments across all income levels . The company’s success in different areas of the country is particularly noteworthy given the diversity of tastes and customs in the provincial areas. Keeping in mind the importance of knowing the market of every locale, Camella Communities has tried to ensure that its product offerings are distinct and adhere to the particular preferences of each market. The company has gradually enhanced the product offerings of the communities in terms of product , amenities and the entirety of the community ambiance.

One of the four subsidiaries of Vista Land is Camella Communities , the expert in converting the countryside into a landscape of sought-after enclaves and is the first Manila-based developer to expand operations into key cities and municipalities across the country. Camella Communities builds residential communities outside of Mega Manila with its current developments in 17 cities and municipa

Camella Communities House and Lots | Camella Communities Condominiums


Polar Mines realty Ventures, Inc. is a company under Polar Property Holdings Corporation, a publicly listed joint venture company of Adelfa Properties and Thailand’s housing giant, Land & Houses Ltd., handling the vertical, high-rise condominium projects of the holdings firm under the MBV group of Companies.

Live modern, Live the Future

Polar continues to work towards a greater goal: to provide millions of Filipinos across the country with world-class condominium communities. To meet this dream, we hope to break new grounds with new vertical projects in the key cities of Metro Manila

Polar offers not only stylish condominium projects but homes and communities that cultivate a balanced, healthy, and active life which fosters values and goodwill among homeowners; believe in the primacy of personal relationships as well as in establishing long-standing relations with suppliers, investors and property consultants working in harmony with nature; and lastly to maintain a core of high caliber professionals whose individual expertise ensures the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s operations.

Fusion of Practicality, Proximity and Convenience

We have allocated the best of our resources to the top three needs of every prospect investor. We nurture and rediscover practicality through aesthetic excellence yet putting affordability into account. Not only will you maximize the beauty of cosmopolitan living but will also be guilt free regarding your spending.

We have the prime locations where everything you need will be accessible and a stone’s throw away. This fusion in convenience and practicality will all be of your benefit.

Unparalleled Service

Our goal is to try to make every client feel they are our only client by providing them with priceless experience, uncommon service and superior results. After all, you, as our buyers or sellers, are the most important person in our business world. We have built our reputation one client and one property at a time, and we are committed to offering you what it takes to satisfy your needs and keep you coming back, and referring us to your friends and families.

Our projects are carefully considered, assured to provide its homeowners a comfortable and convenient life in our developed communities. Presenting the projects of Polar Mines Realty Ventures, Inc.

Polar Mines Realty Ventures, Inc. House and Lots | Polar Mines Realty Ventures, Inc. Condominiums